Thursday, 17 May 2007

Lucius van Horne

Requester: Fleet Admiral Kael Maebius
Date: 170507.M41
Access point: Station Librium Borielle Docks
Achivist: Javrion Daol
Security Clearance: Aurantius-γ
Ref: Vsl.DtBs.5698012104/V
Search terms: The Azubah
Secondary items: Vessel Class, Lucius van Horne, Nietorp System, History
Thought for the day: No joy is more pure than that found in doing one's duty!

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The Azubah - Vessel Class

The Azubah is similar in appearance to a Repulsive class Grand Crusier. The Imperial Navy is not certain of its current specifications as the Azubah has not fought alongside any vessels under direct imperial command in the last three Millenia. The last recorded engagement where an assessment of its capabilities could be made was during the Tokafushi Rising. The reports at that time support the classification of the Azubah as a repulsive class Grand Cruiser with the canonical capabilities of that class of vessel.

The Azubah - Lucius van Horne

Lucius van Horne is belived to be the current commander of the Azubah. He is a Rogue Trader of note, with "letters of marque" believed to have been granted to his paternal great great great Grandfather some 1900 years ago. The family is exceptionally long lived, and each generation has discovered new worlds which have been successfully integrated into the Imperium. There is no known Inquisitorial investigation into the activities of van Horne as He is believed to be fiercely loyal. The 'gift' of the 10000 psykers captured during van Horne's 'rediscovery' of the Nietorp system is viewed as evidence of his desire to work for the benefit of The Imperium.

The Azubah - Nietorp System

The Nietorp system is a small system with four planets. Three of the planets are civilised worlds which are fully aware of their relationship to Terra and the place they have in the Imperium. The fourth world is a primitive world with a single large tropical continent and small scattered tribes of humans. The Nietorp system was rediscovered by Lucius van Horne and his fleet after a gap of nine millenia. The Nietorp System is in the eastern spiral arm to the galactic north of Ultramar and to the galactic west of Kar Duniash.

The Azubah - History

The Azubah is an ancient vessel, dating from the time of the great crusade. Whilst the records from such ancient times are no longer complete, it is apparent from those records which remain that the Azubah had a distinguished service record with numerous victories and notable achievements. The Azubah is recorded as being part of the Ultima segmentum fleet during the Horus Heresy but no records of its service during the Heresy or for the subsequent three millenia exist. The Azubah was rediscovered drifting in the ****records deleted***** system in the 34th millenia and was refitted and returned to the fleet of the Ultima Segmentum. The Azubah served for the next four millenia without distinction and was believed lost during the Tokafushi rising in the 37th millenia. The Azubah re-appeared as the flag ship of Lucius van Horne's great great great Grandfather's fleet one century after he recieved his "letters of mark". It has featured in all the van Horne families known exploits in the subsequent centuries.

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Tuesday, 17 April 2007

The Azubah arrives at Borielle Docks

Transmitted: 2nd Lt Terrell Frouin
Date: 1704707.M41
Monitoring Station: π, Borielle VII
Astropath: Junto Vain
Security Clearance: Crudus
Ref: SCTR.RPTS.034801/B
Received: Imperial Naval Base, Valitane
Subject: The Azubah arrives at Borielle Docks
Thought for the day: Loyalty is its own reward

> Message begins :

Lord Commander,

The Rogue Trader vessel "The Azubah" passed our station at 03:00 today and should arrive at the Borielle Docks in orbit around Borielle IV tomorrow at 17:00. Communications with the bridge of the Azubah indicated that only minor refuelling and resupplying is needed and the length of the visit should not exceed two weeks. This should place no great strain on the resources of the Borielle Docks and will not hamper the construction and refitting projects currently underway in support of the war effort in the Aleph-subsector. We have no information pertaining to who is currently in command of the Azubah. However, it does still bear the heraldry of the famed Lucius van Horne who discovered the Nietorp system.

Your faithful servant,

Terrell Frouin
2nd Lt of his imperial majesty’s navy, commanding

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Monday, 2 April 2007

Hortensius System Location

Requester: Flag Captain Daschen Geis
Date: 020407.M41
Access point: Dante Librium Carnak 5
Achivist: Davinus
Security Clearance: Fulvus-γ
Ref: Sys.DtBs.97640012/S
Search terms: Hortensius system
Secondary items: Location, Worlds, History, Anomalies
Thought for the day: A bird in the hand would explode in space

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Hortensius system - Location

The Hortensius star is located in the Aleph sector, which is in the eastern spiral arm of the galaxy. It is on the fringes of the Aleph subsector itself, but it is not on any currently used warp routes with local beacons.

Hortensius system – Worlds

All planets in the Hortensius system are Dead worlds. No known strategic resources are present in the system. Hortensius V is home to Imperial Navy Monitoring station Φψξ.

Hortensius system – History

------- records deleted --------

Hortensius system – Anomalies

------- records deleted --------

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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Hortensius System Scanning Anomaly

Transmitted: 2nd Lt Torben Bax
Date: 2703707.M41
Monitoring Station: Φψξ, Hortensius V
Astropath: Alephus Thainian
Security Clearance: Crudus
Ref: SCTR.RPTS.02309/H
Received: Imperial Naval Base, Carnak 5
Subject: Hortensius System Scanning Anomaly
Thought for the day: A penitent man is a wise man

> Message begins :

Lord Commander,

Our Augurs show anomalous power readings from Hortensius Prime. Multiple power spikes have been detected in the previous 24 hours. No previous readings of such magnitude can be found in the station databanks. Our Adept Exquiro insists these readings are only comparable with starship engines. He has been given three days penitential servitude in the sewage ducts for his foolishness. No ships have visited this system since 942M40. It could not possibly be a locally produced vessel as Hortensius prime is a dead world and no life forms have ever been found in this system.

Your faithful servant,

Torben Bax
2nd Lt of his imperial majesty’s navy, commanding

> Message Ends

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Know Your Enemy

Transmitted: The Notorious Scribe of JTB
Date: 2102707.M41
Location: Universitas Ottawagensis, Facultas Biologicus
Security Clearance: Arcus

Recieved: ------------ Access denied --------------
Ref: Blg.Strt.Hllvryn.21207
Thought for the day: Knowledge is power. Power brings responsibility. Is that what you really want?

> Message Begins:

Greetings my Lords,

I have followed my instructions faithfully and the system is now ready. All information pertaining to unusual events in the vicinty of the Aleph Sector shall be relayed to you through this channel. I will include private messages, database search requests and all the information from other sources I can obtain. I understand the need for the risks invovled due to the higher purpose we all serve.

Your faithful scribe,

The Notorious JTB

> Message Ends